Tom is an inventor of simple and smart solutions to age-old problems.

former supervisor

As the daughter of “greatest generation” parents, I appreciate Tom’s excavating and organizing their paperwork so that important documents are retained and now easy to find.  Many of my friends have spent months trying to figure out the chaos of their parents’ files, so I am grateful that my parents hired Tom to do this work while they can answer questions and make decisions.  He is providing a great service for our whole family.

Baby Boomer daughter of client

The twin villains of Chaos and Clutter have a new enemy in Seattle, and his name is Tom Lane.  Tom’s greatest achievement for me (so far) has been to re-organize and streamline my “kitchen office.”  Before Tom, I couldn’t see the top of my dining table.  It was stacked with books, magazines, project papers, school assignments, notes, receipts, photos, and the occasional caramelized coffee mug–in other words, all the detritus of a chaotic life accented by teenage mayhem.  Tom created a simple, intuitive filing system and recycled all the rest.  Today, I can use my table for its original purpose, dining.   He’s done the same with my kitchen drawers.  Next stop: closets. Tom has a wonderful knack for organizing, synthesizing, and simplifying the countless stray things that clutter your life.   He brings to the job an amiable attitude, a great work ethic, and (if you want him to) a shredder.  He’s truly helped me and my family.  I give him five out of five stars.

Conrad Wesselhoeft, author of the young adult novel “Adios, Nirvana” published by Houghton Mifflin (October 2010)

I have known Tom since his high school days.  For a number of years we shared a common workplace, and he did a considerable amount of work for the non-profit foundation that employed me, putting his time and talents to work in a most helpful way.  During that ten-year period I observed how Tom’s amazing organizing gifts enabled him to accomplish a great amount of work with ease.  He often figured out better ways to streamline administrative, communications, and record-keeping systems.  He is a stellar problem solver who can enter a new environment, see how to make it more user-friendly, and keep convenience and simplicity in mind as he works.  Tom has no trouble coming up with and implementing ideas for more organized and less-cluttered workplaces or home environments.  I would heartily recommend him to anyone who is looking for this kind of help.

Doug Burleigh, Executive Director of Leadership Development Foundation and former President of Young Life International

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