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Out of the closet: part 1

We had an old Japanese wedding kimono wrapped up and sitting on a closet shelf for years.  Last year I hung it on a bamboo pole in the stairwell where we enjoy seeing it every day. Got things tucked away … Continue reading

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Sanity savers: toner cartridges

After finding a couple of old toner cartridges in the trunk of my car, I learned that Staples, Office Depot and Office Max, and Best Buy are among stores offering incentives to recycle used toner cartridges. Hats off to them for helping us … Continue reading

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“Truck in your neighborhood”

When a charitable organization calls to tell us they’ll have a truck in our neighborhood, we use it as a deadline to tackle a room or a closet or a storage area.  Here’s what went out this morning: Folding bar … Continue reading

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Smart kitchen cabinet

Instead of having one of those fake drawer panels in front of the kitchen sink, our friend Gene turned the cabinet upside down and gained two real drawers at the bottom. 1.  The cabinet (from Ikea) looks fine when the … Continue reading

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Phone chargers

Hard to keep track of cell phone chargers?  Here’s a simple shelf (from Ikea) where all of the cell phone chargers live and where the household cell phones sleep every night.  Bonus:  the plug strip is turned off so chargers … Continue reading

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